Looking at these lights brings back lots of childhood and adolescent memories… Its hard to imagine any other outdoor light fixture that truly depicts the Mid Century Era as well as these do.

Every school I attended had these at all the exterior doors. Even a couple of the shops I worked at and my community college used these lights to illuminate the building exteriors. Here in Palm Springs, I even noticed that couple of the government buildings still have these attached.

Theres something very comforting about these that I cant quite put my finger on. I really like looking at them.

This particular set is in incredible condition. The exteriors are almost pristine. The back plate shows a bit of oxidation, but the rest of the fixture, including the interior is perfect. So too are the light lenses.

Electrically, they are in great working order. They take standard screw-type lightbulbs and will even accommodate the new compact florescent bulbs. Fully tested and guaranteed to bring a midcentury look to anyplace they are installed.

A bit of backstory on Holophane...
Holophane wall light fixture by Viktor Schreckengost. Viktor did a series of designs for the Holophane Company. A major problem in a lighting fixture is that a bare bulb will create a blinding glare when you look at it directly but will not distribute the light evenly through a room or an outdoor space. Holophanes solution to this problem was to use prisms to control the diffusion of the light. Since prisms bend rays of light in a geometrically predictable fashion, the spread of the light can be calculated and controlled with great precision. Working closely with engineers, Viktor designed fixtures suitable for lighting a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. Viktors back door and garage were lighted by Holophane fixtures and lenses.

Dimensions (WxDxH):
7 inches
9.5 inches
9 inches